Lease Review

If you’re using a lease you found online or bought in an office supply store, the chances are very high that it is not ideally written for your business, your building(s), or your jurisdiction.  The reason is those leases are written to apply to as many rental situations as possible.  In other words, the people who write them are trying to get as many people as possible to use and/or pay for them.  The problem for landlords, especially those in places like Chicago, Evanston or Oak Park, is that they often bind them to terms that are more strict than required under the local laws or leave them unprotected in areas.  I can guarantee you that the “standard” leases you buy in stores or find online are not tailored to suit your own needs/situation.

Relying on such form leases can end up costing you precious time and money, sometimes a lot of money.  If you are concerned that you might be leaving yourself vulnerable to potential lawsuits or unreasonably exposed under local ordinances, I offer lease review and suggested changes/modifications for the flat rate of $300 per lease.  I will personally take the time to read through your current lease, line by line, take note of problematic language and ensure that anything that is missing or doesn’t comply with local laws gets changed or added in.  I also offer to draft a personally tailored lease with one set of revisions for $350 if you would rather start with a clean slate.

Not sure whether you need an attorney-drafted lease?  Contact me today or call (773) 405-2632 to schedule a Free 30-minute consultation to discuss whether this service is right for you.